The project is currently in beta-phase. You can start playing but please keep the following in mind.
  1. Heroes’ professions are not implemented yet. And they won’t be till the release of TDE’s 5th edition. Meanwhile selecting profession is pointless, you have to set your hero’s stats manually.
  2. Not all magic scripts work yet, therefore magic is temporarily disabled.
  3. Hero sheets are constantly changing. It is recommended to edit your hero sheet each time before you play. Obsolete stats might cause bugs.
1 Buetooth • 22:20, 2015-11-24
2 Steamechanic • 21:08, 2016-05-03
Hello. I wondered if you could post the max possible AP you can receive in each game. Sometimes the game ends and you do not know whether you've got the best possible result.

Keep up the good work. wink