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The Tales of Simur Thorgrim
The Tales of Simur Thorgrim

Genre: humor

Language: English

Difficulty: Easy

Text units: 60+

Author: Lubomir

Publisher: Steamechanic


Views: 1065

Rating: 5.0

Summary: Long ago, above the cavernous caverns of Balbum, lived a simple and rather peculiar fellow. He never desired to be part of things, or known. He refrained from being social, and went only to two places during most of his broad and boresome life. He traversed the mines, and his own home. Those two places he knew inexplicably well, by this time in his elder life he had even memorized the amount of pebbles he passed every day to get from one place to another. There were thirty seven. He liked that number, it was his favorite. Then again, I should first explain who our fellow was before ranting about his likes and dislikes. He was a dwarf by the name of Simur Thorgrim, and he enjoyed his peaceful roadside shack in which he lived aboveground. He liked the sun, and the smell of the grassess, and preffered the aboveground over the belowground were the city of Balbum was located. Simur liked it there, and he decided it would be his home. Much better to have a place you can like than one you’ll not like. In fact, this was Simurs motto. It was a good motto at that. However one fateful day, Simur was going to encounter some things he did not like, and that was the day were his life took an unexpected twist. The day came along which changed his view about the world, and led to him being a bit more well known than he would have preferred to be, but one cannot change his past can he? No, no indeed one cannot. What you have found today, this, it is his story. Let us begin!