Culture [30]Profession [156]



German: Schülerin der Vanjescha, Krötenhexe

Russian: Ведьма-целительница, жабья ведьма

Cost: 1050 AP

Sisterhood: Daughters of the Earth

Teacher: Vanjescha

Requirements: magic gift

Special abilities: scripts + languages 45 AP

Combat techniques: daggers 4, brawl 4


Magic: Armatrutz 4, Balsam Salabunde 7, Great Need 4, Camouflage 7, Witch’s Knot 4, Frog’s Leap 7, Meekness 4

Typical attributes: IN, CH

Advantages for inborn witches: resistance to ageing, good looking II, outstanding attribute (Charisma), confidence of power

Recommended advantages: astral block (CL), magical compliance, improved regeneration (astral energy), wrapped aura

Recommended disadvantages: hard body strength, low attribute (fear of fire, unworldly), stigma (witch’s strands)

Unsuitable advantages: ironman, social adaptability, toughness

Unsuitable disadvantages: conspicuous