Culture [30] Profession [156]


German: Söldner & Soldat

Cost: 800 AP

Requirements: AG 11, ST 13

Special abilities: languages 20 AP; Armor Use I, Feint, Mighty Blow

Combat techniques: brawl 7, daggers 4, thrown weapons 4, 120 AP for increasing preferred techniques


Typical cultures: all except for Ferkinas, Fjarningars, Gjalskerlanders, Moha, Nivese, Trollzackers, Elves (applies to soldiers); all except for Elves (applies to soldiers)

Typical attributes: AG, ST

Recommended advantages: ironman, danger sense, battle frenzy, high vitality, sense of direction, improved regeneration (life energy)

Recommended disadvantages: low attribute (superstition, violent temper)

Unsuitable disadvantages: brittle bone, lame, slow regeneration (life energy)