Culture [30]Profession [156]

Rondra Priest

German: Rondrageweihte

Cost: 1000 AP

Special abilities: scripts + languages 35 AP; Armor Use I, Feint, Mighty Blow

Combat techniques: daggers 4, brawl 4, swords 10, two-handed swords 7, axes & maces 4, shields 4


Liturgies: 12 blessings of 7, Honorable Duel 4, Encouragement 7

Typical attributes: CR, CH, AG, ST

Recommended advantages: noble, ironman, outstanding attribute (CR, AG or ST), battle frenzy, improved regeneration (life energy), aptitude for weapon techniques, toughness

Recommended disadvantages: loyalty to principles (Moral codex of Rondra church), low attribute (arrogance), liabilities (temple and church)

Unsuitable advantages: slow regeneration (life energy)

Unsuitable disadvantages: brittle bone, delicate