Culture [30]Profession [156]


German: Diplomat

Cost: 810 AP

Special abilities: scripts + languages 15 AP

Combat techniques: brawl 4, daggers 4, swords 4, bows 4


Typical cultures: all except for Ferkinas, Fjarningars, Gjalskerlanders, Moha, Nivese, Trollzackers, Elves and Dwarves

Typical attributes: CL, IN, CH

Recommended advantages: aptitude for social talents, danger sense, resistance to poison, good looking

Recommended disadvantages: arrogance, vanity, stinginess, greed, violent temper, pathological cleanliness, envy, vindictiveness

Unsuitable advantages: aptitude for craft talents, battle frenzy

Unsuitable disadvantages: bloodlust, inaptitude for social talents