Culture [30] Profession [156]

Anvil Dwarf

Anvil Dwarf


German: Ambosszwerg Wiki Aventurica

Russian: Гном наковальни

Language: Rogolan

Script: Rogolan runes

Popular professions:

Typical advantages: aptitude for craft talents (particularly smithery and stone craft), aptitude for combat techniques (particularly crossbows, axes & maces and two-handed axes & maces), Enhanced Vitality, Rapid Healing, Toughness

Typical disadvantages: bad traits (arrogance, greed, avarice, agoraphobia, thalassophobia, prejudices especially against elves and lizardmen), principled, foul smell

Untypical advantages: social adaptability

Untypical disadvantages: night blindness, bad traits (fear of the dark, pathological cleanliness, claustrophobia)

Typical talents: intimidate, chronicle, warfare, mechanics, smithery, orientation, calculate, legend lore, self control, stone craft, hide, carouse

Untypical talents: seduce, fishing, fly, ride, swim, seafaring, astronomy

Typical names: Andrasch, Ballasch, Cobaltosch, Fobosch, Groin, Ibralosch, Kirgam, Marnax, Pogolosch, Sordolax (male); Agescha, Borascha, Durga, Hogescha, Lavascha, Norturrima (female)