Name: Shegorosh

Race: Dwarf

Culture: Brilliant-Dwarf

Profession: Rondra Priest

Gender: male

Height: 133 half-fingers

Weight: 50 stones

Language: Garethi

Adventure points: 175

Money: Hellers

Combat moves:

Bonuses and Penalties:

Biography: Betrayal is typical for humans or this godless elfs, but for Shegorosh son of Sorevax it is out of question. Betrayed and left behind to fight a band of orcs on the first day, since he left the clanhold... Now he is wary and by the might of Rondra no misdeed will go unpunished.Even dragons could be beaten, as his great-grandfather Ungrosh and his three brothers had so aptly proven, even if it had killed two of them. Shegorosh had come here to fight evil, which involved fihting—not running. And when he find one, his ax will drink blood and boot will find this treacherous pointy arse.