Melee [11] Ranged [3] Special [5]


Based on: Strength

German: Schilde

Russian: Щиты

Advancement: C

Based on: Strength

Some combatants use shields to protect themselves from melee attacks and missile fire. With this technique, you can use shields made from leather, wood, metal, or wicker. You can also attack with a shield, but they’re not very well suited for offense.

Special feature: AT and PA stats of shields are calculated like any other combat technique. Parrying with a shield grants double the shield’s parry bonus and doesn’t impose a penalty for using the off hand. Ranged combat attacks and attacks from large enemies can also be parried using a shield. Using a second shield doesn’t increase the bonus. To defend against a ranged combat attack, you must parry actively with the shield. When parrying with a shield, you cannot also parry with your main weapon. You can use a shield to attack.